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Adobe_logo_sm French - List of words and expressions to learn


Work experience is offered to all Year 10 students - although it is not compulsory - all students are encouraged to participate.

This opportunity enables students to sample a working environment, not necessarily in the career choice they may be considering. It is an important part of a student's education; giving them knowledge and information about the world of work, so it is worth making the most of this opportunity and preparing them as much as possible.

Adobe_logo_sm Letter to Parents/Guardians of Year 10 students regarding work experience planned for 26th June to 30th June 2017

Adobe_logo_sm Work Experience - Information for students

Adobe_logo_sm Work Experience - Information for parents

Adobe_logo_sm Work Experience consent form. To be completed and returned to school signed by both a parent/carer and the student

Adobe_logo_sm Work Experience Self Placement Form. First section to be completed by the student, the rest of the form is to be completed and signed by the employer (form to be returned to school)