The School Governing Board

Information on the Governing Board
Updated: 21st May 2018

Structure of the Governing Board:

The following instrument of government came into effect on 1st September 2015.

Full NameDate of appointmentType of GovernorTerm of officeDeclarations of interestCommitteesLinks to:Voting rights?
Karen McCarthy (Chair)01/09/2015Co-opted31/08/2019No business interestsAllSafeguarding / ComplaintsYes
Kate Ford (Vice-chair)04/11/2015Co-opted03/11/2019No business interests / Parent of student at the schoolCurriculum and Standards / Personnel and Pay / ResourcesComplaintsYes
Simon White01/01/2018HeadteacherWhilst head of the schoolNo business interestsAllAllYes
Marian Corns01/09/2015Co-opted31/08/2019No business interests / Governor at St Margaret’s primary schoolCurriculum and Standards / Personnel and Pay / Pupil Discipline / ResourcesP.E. / Health Related Absence / Safeguarding / Governor Forum (substitute)Yes
Brenda England01/09/2015Co-opted31/08/2019No business interests / Mother of a member of staffCurriculum and Standards / Personnel and Pay / Pupil Discipline / ResourcesHealth & Social Care / PSHCE / ComplaintsYes
Carol Hibbert16/11/2012Local Authority15/11/2016No business interestsCurriculum and Standards / Personnel Appeals / ResourcesMFL / ScienceYes
Christine McGuire01/09/2015Co-opted31/08/2019No business interests / Bursar at a primary school within the LACurriculum and Standards / Personnel Appeals / ResourcesExpressive Arts / Humanities / Safeguarding / ComplaintsYes
Trish McLoughlin27/01/2017Staff26/01/2021No business interestsCurriculum and Standards / ResourcesYes
Andrew Turner01/09/2015Co-opted31/08/2019No business interests / Employed by Rochdale LACurriculum and Standards / ResourcesYes
Susan Walker01/09/2015Co-opted31/08/2019No business interestsCurriculum and Standards / Headteacher Appraisal / Personnel Appeals / Pupil Discipline / ResourcesSafer RecruitmentYes
J. Fred Wright01/09/2015Co-opted31/08/2019No business interestsCurriculum and Standards / Headteacher Appraisal / Personnel & Pay / Pupil Discipline / ResourcesICTYes
Paul Sewell16/02/2017Parent15/02/2021TBCTBCTBCYes

Governor Attendance in 2017

Full Name14/0217/0504/1013/1106/12
Karen McCarthy (Chair)PPPPP
Kate Ford (Vice-chair)PPPPP
Ray BakerPPPAP
Nicola BroganOOOOO
Marian CornsAPPPP
Brenda EnglandAPPPP
Carol HibbertPAAPP
Christine McGuirePPAAP
Trish McLoughlinPPPPP
Paul Sewell/PPPA
Andrew TurnerAPPPP
Susan WalkerPAPAP
J. Fred WrightPPPAA


P = present
A = absent with apology sent and accepted
O = absent with either no apology submitted or not accepted
/ - not on the Governing Body at that time



The following committees meet once per term:

Curriculum and Standards – {covering Teaching & Learning, curriculum issues, inclusion issues, student behaviour and welfare (including Child Protection)}

Resources – {covering finance issues, staffing issues, buildings issues}

The following committees meet as required:

  • Pupil discipline committee
  • Personnel and pay implementation committee
  • Personnel appeals committee
  • Headteachers appraisal committee
  • Complaints committee
  • Admissions committee