The School Governing Board

Information on the Governing Board
Updated: January 2020

Structure of the Governing Board:

The following instrument of government came into effect on 1st September 2015.

Full NameDate of appointmentType of GovernorTerm of officeDeclarations of interestCommitteesLinks to:Voting rights?
Mrs Kate Ford (Chair)03/11/2019Co-opted02/11/2023No business interests / Parent of student at the schoolAllSafeguarding / ComplaintsYes
Mr Andy Leech (Vice-chair)12/11/2018Parent11/11/2022TBCCurriculum and Standards / Personnel and Pay / ResourcesComplaintsYes
Mr Simon White01/01/2018HeadteacherWhilst head of the schoolNo business interestsAllAllYes
Mrs Karen McCarthy01/09/2019Associate31/08/2023No business interestsNo
Dr Marian Corns01/09/2015Co-opted31/08/2019No business interests / Governor at St Margaret’s primary schoolCurriculum and Standards / Personnel and Pay / Pupil Discipline / ResourcesP.E. / Health Related Absence / Safeguarding / Governor Forum (substitute)Yes
Mrs Brenda England01/09/2015Co-opted31/08/2019No business interests / Mother of a member of staffCurriculum and Standards / Personnel and Pay / Pupil Discipline / ResourcesHealth & Social Care / PSHCE / ComplaintsYes
Mrs Carol Hibbert16/11/2012Local Authority15/11/2020No business interestsCurriculum and Standards / Personnel Appeals / ResourcesMFL / ScienceYes
Mrs Christine McGuire01/09/2015Co-opted31/08/2019No business interestsCurriculum and Standards / Personnel Appeals / ResourcesExpressive Arts / Humanities / Safeguarding / ComplaintsYes
Ms Trish McLoughlin27/01/2017Staff26/01/2021No business interestsCurriculum and Standards / ResourcesYes
Mr Andrew Turner01/09/2015Co-opted31/08/2019No business interests / Employed by Rochdale LACurriculum and Standards / ResourcesYes
Mrs Susan Walker01/09/2015Co-opted31/08/2019No business interestsCurriculum and Standards / Headteacher Appraisal / Personnel Appeals / Pupil Discipline / ResourcesSafer RecruitmentYes
Mr Paul Sewell02/03/2017Parent01/03/2021TBCTBCTBCYes

Full Governing Board Attendance in 2018

Full Name21/0318/0404/0726/0905/12
Mrs Karen McCarthy (Chair)YYYYY
Mrs Kate Ford (Vice-chair)NYYYY
Mr Simon WhiteYYYYY
Dr Marian CornsYYYYY
Mrs Brenda EnglandYYYYY
Mrs Carol HibbertYNYYY
Mrs Christine McGuireYYYYY
Ms Trish McLoughlinYYNYY
Mr Andrew TurnerYNNNY
Mrs Susan WalkerYYNNY
Mr Paul SewellYYYYY
Mr Andy LeechN/AN/AN/AN/AY


Y = Attended
N = Apologies Accepted
NA = Apologies not Accepted
NS - No Apologies sent



The following committees meet once per term:

Curriculum and Standards – {covering Teaching & Learning, curriculum issues, inclusion issues, student behaviour and welfare (including Child Protection)}

Resources – {covering finance issues, staffing issues, buildings issues}

The following committees meet as required:

  • Pupil discipline committee
  • Personnel and pay implementation committee
  • Personnel appeals committee
  • Headteachers appraisal committee
  • Complaints committee
  • Admissions committee