Starting at Siddal Moor

What is Transition?

Transition is the period of time from preparing to move from Primary School until successful settlement in Secondary School.

At Siddal Moor we recognise that the transition from primary to secondary school is a critical time for students involving several changes in educational expectations and practices. Our Year 7 team oversee the transition of students from primary to secondary school. They are, our Head of Year 7, Mrs Mears and Head of Keystage 3, Mr Heppolette, along with the pastoral and SEN staff. A well designed transition process helps maintain the strong sense of belonging that students felt in their primary school. This is very important if students are to continue to enjoy and succeed academically and personally.

When can I have a look around Siddal Moor?

Parents, carers and children are welcome to visit Siddal Moor at any time. Simply telephone or email to request a suitable day and time. We hold an Open Evening every Autumn, where the Head of School, Mr White will give a talk and there will be an opportunity to look around the school. Students and staff will be available to answer questions and visitors can see displays of students’ work. You will also be given a school prospectus on the evening, but one can be requested at any time by contacting the school. Alternatively click here to view our prospectus.


Process of Transition

Below is the transition process which takes place from June in Year 5 until the students have completed their first half term in the October of Year 7.

June - Year 5 Taster Days
September - The Transition Team visit primary schools to meet students and discuss transition.
September / October - Siddal Moor Open Evening.
October - Secondary school application forms returned.
March - Congratulations letter from Siddal Moor confirming a student’s place.
May/June - The Transition Team visit primary schools to find out some information about the students and speak to the Year 6 teacher. Welcome Pack sent to parents/carers.
Induction Evening – this is the evening before Induction Day and is an opportunity for Parents/Carers to meet the Senior Leadership Team and Form Tutors and to receive important information about Siddal Moor.
Induction Day – this is an opportunity for students to meet their Year 7 Form Tutor and experience a day at Siddal Moor.
September - First day at Siddal Moor.
December / January - Year 7 Parents Evening – this is an opportunity for Parents/Carers to speak to Form Tutors and teachers about how their child is settling in.


Transition Event Information

Year 5 Taster Day
During June in Year 5 students will visit our school for the whole or part of the day. This allows them to experience time in secondary school, moving to different lessons, having lunch in the cafeteria and meeting different teachers. They will get to meet our Peer Mentors who will take them from lesson to lesson to make sure they don’t get lost.

Year 6 Induction Evening and Day

On Year 6 Induction Evening Students and Parents/Carers will be invited in to school so that they can receive some important information on how best to support their child whilst they are at Siddal Moor. Students and their Parents/Carers will have an opportunity to meet Form Tutors and ask any questions of the staff that are present on the night.

Year 6 Induction Day usually happens the day after Induction Evening. Students will be invited to Siddal Moor for the day. They will spend time with their Form Tutor and the other children who will be in their form. Throughout the day our Peer Mentors will show Students around and make sure they understand what is going on. It will be an important day as they will receive lots of information and get an idea of what it will be like when they join Siddal Moor in September.

What is the School day like?

School opens at 8:15am for breakfast club.
All students must be in their form rooms by 8:45am at the very latest and school finishes at 3:10pm allowing students time to complete homework or participate in an extra-curricular activity.

Having different teachers for different subjects may take a while to get used to. It also means there is a lot of moving around between lessons as everyone moves to their next classroom. Lessons last for around 60 minutes and there are five lessons in a day. In the morning you will have Registration / Form Time / Assembly followed by two lessons, then a 20 minute break. After break there is one more lesson then lunch for students on the early lunch sitting or two more lessons then lunch for those on the late lunch sitting. Both lunch sittings are 35 minutes long. Early lunch students have two more lessons and late lunch students have one more lesson before the end of the school day. School finishes at 3:10pm each day. For more information on the school day please click here.

Will I be with my friends in my form group?

A question often asked by potential Siddal Moor students is “will I be with my friends?”. The answer to this question most of the time is “yes”. When you have been accepted for a place at Siddal Moor the Transition Team will visit you at your primary school. You will be asked to complete a sheet which asks about your friends and who you would like to be with. The team then try and make sure you are placed in a Form with at least one of the people you have written down. It is not always possible to ensure that everyone gets everything they want. Also, part of transition is the fun of meeting new people.

What is the school uniform like?

Siddal Moor believe that a smart uniform worn properly is very important because it demonstrates the pride that students take in themselves and the school and also shows a readiness for learning. We expect all students to wear full school uniform at all times. For more information on the school uniform please click here.

What lessons will I have?

In Year 7 students will study:

ArtPhysical Education
Dance and DramaReligious Education

What if I am ill or late?

Siddal Moor have high expectations regarding punctuality and attendance in school, which are important if you are to make good progress. If you are unable to come to school due to an illness a parent or carer must let school know as soon as possible. We also advise that you go on holiday during the school holidays. Any holidays taken during term time cannot be authorised and may result in action being taken.

If you are late to school you will still be able to enter through the student entrance but may have to press the intercom so the pastoral office can open the gate for you. Late is arriving after the start of registration. If this is without good reason, a late detention may be given (dropping off a brother or sister at school, the alarm clock not going off or problems with transport are not valid reasons for lateness).
To avoid lateness we expect all students to be on site by 8:40am

What are the school dinners like?

The school operates a cashless system for purchasing food in the cafeteria. Top ups can be added to students accounts via Wisepay's secure online payment service. Alternatively, students are able to pay for their dinners by cheque handed in to student services or by cash using the machines in school. When students make a purchase in the cafeteria, the catering staff will use a fingerprint scanner to identify you. The cashless system means students don’t have to worry about losing their money and they will be able to get their dinner a lot quicker! Full instructions on how to use this system will be given to you during Induction Day and on your first day at Siddal Moor.

Snacks and drinks are available from the canteen before school and at morning break, including toast, teacakes, cheese bagels and bacon butties. For lunch there are a range of hot and cold options, including main meals, pasta and sandwiches. To have a look at our current menus click here. At lunchtime, students must remain in school for lunch. If you are not purchasing a school dinner you may eat your packed lunch in the canteen.


Will I get bullied?

Year 7 students are often worried about bullying when they move to secondary school. Incidents of bullying are few and far between at Siddal Moor and we have a strict policy in place to tackle any form of bullying or discrimination; it has no place at Siddal Moor and any incidents of bullying are taken very seriously. Every student has the right to be safe and happy in school, and to be protected when they are feeling vulnerable.

We feel it is important to create an atmosphere in school where students who are being bullied, or others who know it is happening, feel that they can speak to someone who will listen and that action will be taken swiftly but also sensitively. Not telling protects the Bully or Bullies and gives the message that they can continue, perhaps bullying others too. There are many people you can talk to and a confidential email address so together we will stamp it out.

How much homework will I get and how will I record it?

Students will be given a school planner to record homework tasks and deadlines. These planners will also help with communication between home and school. There is a space for staff to write comments on students’ attitude and behaviour and for parents/carers to note comments made and reply if they wish. It is also a good way for parents/carers to get messages to staff.

How can I get to school?

There are currently two school buses which run to and from Siddal Moor, aiming to cover as much of the school catchment area as possible. Full information on the school bus service can be found by clicking here.

Visit Transport for Greater Manchester for any other routes and journey planning.

Alternatively there is a bike rack available near the student entrance which is available for storing bikes throughout the day. Students are advised to wear a helmet if they ride to school and to provide their own lock for added security.

Admission arrangements

The local authority decides admissions for Siddal Moor. Parents and carers should contact the local authority to find out about our admission arrangements.
Rochdale Borough Council school admission arrangements.


Further Questions
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Pastoral Contacts

Miss Whelan - Pastoral Manager
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Miss Keenan - Learning Support Manager
Mrs Mears - Head of Year 7
Mr Heppolette - Head of Keystage 3