VEX Robotics Skyrise Regional Event

On Friday 6th February 2015, 3 Year 10 students from Siddal Moor took part in the Skyrise regional heats, this year’s VEX Robotics competition. The students have been designing, building and testing their ideas throughout the year and managed to create a very imaginative and successful solution to this year’s challenge.  The Robot they designed had to build a tower (Skyrise) and then stack cubes on the Skyrise or alternatively stack pipes around the arena.  Points were also awarded for cubes moved onto the coloured squares in the arena.


After the 25 qualifying matches the students’ robot was ranked 2nd out of the 10 robots represented.  The Siddal Moor team were then approached by the team who were ranked 1st to form an alliance for the knockout matches, however due to a mistake during the team selection they were partnered with a team from Warrington instead.  All of the matches were won and the team moved through to the final. This was mainly due to the design of the Siddal Moor Robot and the skill of the drivers, as the robot from Warrington repeatedly broke down.  Unfortunately, in the final, technical issues with the robot let them down, but the team fought on valiantly and only lost the final match by 10 points to 12.


The competition judges recognised that the Siddal Moor robot was one of the most reliable throughout the day and that it was designed to effectively complete the challenges laid out in the competition.  They were also impressed by how competent the students were at discussing the design and possible improvements of their robot.  As a result of this they were awarded the ‘Design Award’.


Well done to Sam Manton, Karl Ward and Luke Woods.

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