(Years 10 and 11) All students follow the AQA photography course.

Students are taught in mixed ability groups and begin building a working knowledge of Photography from September of Year 10. Workshops on using DSLR cameras, Photoshop and understanding photography make up the first term. A portraiture project is the focus during term two and finally a personal project for the duration of the third term where the student negotiates their own project with the teacher. 

At the start of Year 11 students create a mock project, picking one of several questions or ‘themes’ to work from. All work goes towards Unit 1 and equates to 60% of their photography GCSE portfolio.

Unit 2 starts from January in Year 11 and is worth 40% of their overall grade. It is an externally set task (by AQA) and is completed with a 10 hour final exam in May.

Examination Courses

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AQA8206GCSE (9-1)Link to Course DetailsLink to Course Specification


Autumn - Year 10 - Workshops on:

  1. Elements of Adobe Photoshop
  2. The Cannon (1200D + 5D mark II) DSLR camera
  3. What is Photography

Spring - Year 10 - Portraiture

Artists - Shirin Neshat, Wes Naman, Solve Sundsbo

Summer - Year 10 - Personal Project

Artists/Culture - Student to negotiate project with teacher

Autumn - Year 11 - Mock exam project

Student to negotiate project with teacher

Spring - Year 11 - Externally set task

Student to select 1 of 7 externally set projects