Parking at School

Concern from bus company regarding parking safety - December 2019

We have been contacted by Go North West, the bus operator currently running the 765 morning service to our school. They are concerned about a number of issues arising from the manner in which cars are being parked along Newhouse Road when parents/carers are dropping children off at school.

On many occasions, the driver is unable to turn left into Newhouse Road from Manchester Road, as cars parked near to the junction are blocking the turn. The driver then has to let children off at the bus stop on Manchester Road, which has led to complaints from some parents. On other occasions, cars are parked opposite the exit from the bus turning circle outside school, which causes problems for the driver trying to turn out back on to Newhouse Road. Recently, he has had to perform some very tight  and potentially dangerous manoeuvres outside school, which, owing to the length of the vehicle, means that the front end of the bus or the wheels can intrude over footpaths as the bus turns, presenting a danger of striking  pedestrians. The danger is heightened as children often do not pay attention to vehicles when crossing the road.

We would politely ask all parents/carers to park sensibly when dropping children off at school and avoid parking close to the junction, parking on double yellow lines, double parking, parking opposite the exit from the turning circle and parking in the turning circle itself.

We will be placing traffic cones opposite the exit from the turning circle in a morning to allow the bus sufficient room to manoeuvre. We have also notified the Highways Department and they will be looking to attend in the New Year to ensure that there is no parking on double yellow lines or in any other way that may be deemed illegal. For your information, as per the Highway Code, some of the instances where it is illegal to park include:

  • opposite or within ten metres of a junction
  • over a dropped kerb
  • near a school entrance, bus or tram stop
  • anywhere that would prevent access for Emergency Services

We all have a responsibility to ensure that children can access school safely and you co-operation in this matter would be appreciated.

Safe and considerate parking

We are very fortunate that Siddal Moor is tucked away in a quiet, residential area, with parents not having the worry of getting children across busy main roads when they are taken and collected by car. The downside of this is that parking can be an issue on some of the residential streets around our School. We have always worked hard to maintain good relations with our neighbours, and to this end we would remind all parents to be extremely careful and considerate when parking cars at both ends of the School day. Please DO NOT park cars across any driveways, thus preventing any households from going about their business. Also, DO NOT park on the grass verges, as this dangerously impedes the vision of drivers leaving the car park. Parking is also obviously not permitted on any zig zags, double yellow lines or yellow hatchings, as it is vital that emergency vehicles can access School at any time of the day. Finally, there are disabled parking spaces in the car park, and a number of parents and carers who are entitled to use these spaces. It is completely unacceptable for anybody else to use these parking spaces.

Finally, can I remind all parents to drive extremely slowly and carefully near school, as there will be many children crossing at busy times of the day.
I hope that this clarifies our position on parking. Thank you in advance for your co-operation if you are a parent new to Siddal Moor, and thank you for your continued co-operation if you are an existing parent or carer.