Mathematics Department Staff

Mr C Buckley - Head of Department
Mr M Rigby - Assistant Head of Department
Mr M Quraishi - Assistant Head of Department
Mr M Aspden - Deputy Headteacher and Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs M Arthur - Assistant Headteacher and Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs H Gregory-Harris - Assistant Headteacher and Teacher of Mathematics
Ms D Bracken - SENCO and Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs S Fletcher - Teacher of Mathematics (responsibility for numeracy and intervention)
Mrs N Stones - Teacher of Mathematics (part time)
Mrs R Jackson - Teacher of Mathematics (RQT)
Mr A Beardsley - Teacher of Mathematics

Mathematics Department Vision:

To develop the mathematical ability of all students through the provision of a curriculum and an environment in which teaching and learning can occur.
The department will endeavour to:

  • Select mathematical tasks to engage student’s interests and intellect, provide opportunities to deepen their understanding of mathematics and its applications, supply an effective learning environment and atmosphere in order to promote the investigation and growth of mathematical ideas
  • Use, and help students use, technology and other tools to pursue mathematical investigations
  • Seek, and help students seek, links with previous knowledge and other curriculum areas
  • Guide and provide feedback to the individual student and the class as a whole

Mathematics Department Objectives:

Expectations of Functional skills and training should include:

  • The ability to set up problems with appropriate operations
  • Knowledge of a variety of techniques to approach and work on problems
  • Understanding of the underlying mathematical features of a problem
  • The ability to work with others on problems
  • The ability to see how to apply mathematical ideas to common and complex problems
  • Preparation for open-ended situations, since most real problems are not well formulated
  • Belief in the usefulness and value of mathematics

Mathematics Department Staff and Resources:

The department consists of 9 full-time mathematics teachers and 2 who teach some mathematics. The department is continuing to implement the New Mathematics Framework and is extending the use of ICT in lessons in order to raise student achievement. Every student has an account on which they should use for revision and homework.

The department uses the Edexcel Linear GCSE in Mathematics, with students given the opportunity to cover content from both Higher and Foundation before focusing upon the tier which is best for the student.

In KS3 students are taught in mixed ability groups with a top set to stretch the most able and a support group to ensure all students can access the curriculum. Students begin their GCSE course in Year 9 to give them time to cover content in depth and enable the mastery of concepts.

The department also has in house support from a Maths specialist HLTA who works with students to boost their progress throughout the year. This is done through a combination of withdrawal from lessons, after school and breakfast clubs.

Key Stage 3 Mathematics Curriculum Overview:

Year 7


Year 8


Year 9


Key Stage 4 GCSE Mathematics Curriculum Overview:

Pearson Edexcel Level 1/Level 2 GCSE (9-1) Mathematics (1MA1)
Pearson Edexcel (9-1) Mathematics 1MA1 - Specification

Year 10


Year 11