Humanities Department Staff

Mr P Pye - Acting Subject Leader - History
Mr J Mair - Subject Leader - Geography
Ms S Cowburn - Subject Leader - Religious Education
Mr S Hardicre - Assistant Headteacher and Teacher of Humanities
Mr S Heppolette - Head of KS3 and Teacher of Religious Education
Mr S Errington - Teacher of Geography
Mr J Swindells - Teacher of History

Department Vision:

To create a culture of academic achievement within a vibrant, stimulating and challenging environment that caters for individuality. Siddal Moor Humanities students will be inspired to become lifelong independent learners who grow in confidence to meet the challenge of a modern global community.

Humanities at Siddal Moor Sports College should help pupils to:

  • develop a strong interest in, and help them identify with their own environment and have an understanding of the wider world and their place within it;
  • inspire a curiosity and fascination about the world;
  • develop a deep understanding of key physical and human processes;
  • appreciate the variety of physical and human conditions on the earth’s surface and recognise the interaction between them;
  • understand how change can result from physical and human processes;
  • realise that others may hold different beliefs, attitudes and values to their own which are equally valid;
  • encourage sensitivity towards others and develop an understanding of, and empathy towards, the nature of multi-cultural and multi-ethnic societies;
  • gain a fuller understanding of controversial issues, allowing them the opportunity to make and communicate their own informed judgements;
  • have respect for their natural and built environment;
  • build upon existing knowledge, introducing new concepts as appropriate;
  • acquire a wide range of geographical, historical and other skills;
  • develop an enquiry approach towards their work, allowing them to extend their intellectual skills through problem solving and fieldwork;
  • enjoy learning and inquiring about their world and the development of humanity;
  • gain the confidence to work individually and as part of a group;
  • become proficient in the applications and uses of ICT and GIS.