eSafety Advice for Parents

Do you ever feel that your child knows more about
online technology than you do?

You’re not alone – The internet and online technologies are an important part of children’s lives at home and school, providing great opportunities for learning, communicating, playing and creating. As we know, these technologies create huge opportunities for us all, however, they can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, and present challenges to keeping your family safe online.
At Siddal Moor we go to great lengths to keep your child safe whilst using the internet in school. However, it is recognised by all leading agencies, including the Department for Education & Skills that using the internet can never be 100% safe. We have an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) which outlines to you and your children safe working practices and procedures and we are routinely conducting eSafety assemblies and tutor group workshops as well as dedicated E-safety IT classes.

Technology has many benefits, but as you hear in the news, it also has many dangers, below are some useful resources to ensuring your child is safe on the internet at home: