Computing and ICT


Computing / ICT and Business Department Staff

Mr G Dorman - Head of Department
Miss A Hart - Teacher of Business and KS3 Computing
Mrs N Osborne - Teacher of Computing and ICT
Mr Q Mahmood - Teacher of Computing and ICT

Computing, ICT and Business Department Vision:

From the first lesson in Year 7 it is the aim of the department to equip the students at Siddal Moor with the skills and knowledge necessary to be able to use ICT as a tool for learning both in and out of school.

All students at Siddal Moor have their own user name and password to log on to resources across the school. In addition to this every learner at Key Stage 3 and those who have chosen Computing or ICT as an option choice will have a school email account set up which will be used to submit work for marking as well as receive individualised feedback and guidance from their teacher.

Additional Support:

Department staff are available after school most nights of the week to enable students to catch up on coursework. Revision classes will be run at appropriate times.

Further Information:

To find out more about the curriculum Siddal Moor delivers, please contact the school and ask to speak to the Deputy Headteacher - Curriculum.

Key Stage 3 Computing / ICT Curriculum Overview:

Key Stage 3 Computing is taught in Years 7 to 9 with each year having the equivalent of one 60 minute lesson per week. The year is broken down into units of work with each lasting approximately 6 weeks following the half termly pattern.

The scheme of work covers each of the 6 strands of the computing progression pathways although there is some cross-over of units in year 8 and 9 due to the staged introduction of the revised Key Stage 3 scheme.

Expected prior learning 
Pupils should be able to manage files and folders and also be familiar with using email to receive and submit files required for the lessons.

New Developments
The use of Class Notebooks for OneNote in lessons has also been introduced during the current year so that pupils can access shared resources and organise their works so that it can be accessed on a range of devices. This work automatically synchronises with the teacher and allows feedback and response to be easily tagged into the work.

Language for learning 
Key vocabulary used within the scheme of work can be found within each unit.

Outline plan for the year


Key Stage 4 GCSE Computer Science Curriculum Overview:

OCR GCSE (9-1) Computer Science (J276)
OCR GCSE (9-1) Computer Science J276 - Specification


Key Stage 4 GCSE Business Curriculum Overview:

OCR GCSE (9-1) Business (J204)
OCR GCSE (9-1) Business J204 - Specification


Key Stage 4 GCSE Business and Communication Systems Overview:

OCR GCSE (A-G) Business and Communications Systems (J230) - 2017 - 2018 Year 11 only
OCR GCSE (A-G) Business and Communications Systems J230 - Specification


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