Code of Conduct & Expectations of Pupils


Code of Conduct & Expectations of Pupils


You are expected to show aspiration by:

  • Attending school, being on time to lessons and being ready to learn
  • Being correctly dressed and equipped for the lesson with pens, pencil, ruler, rubber and other equipment needed to take part in learning
  • knowing your aspirational grade in each subject and what you can do to improve
  • Trying your best in lessons and completing the work set
  • Challenging yourself to complete additional / extension work and homework


You are expected to show integrity by:

  • Doing the right thing, even when adults are not looking
  • Considering others and by trying to put others first
  • Speaking to adults in the school if you have a problem, rather than confront peers
  • Being honest and admitting when you have got things wrong
  • Understanding that by not adhering to this code of conduct that you have broken the school rules


You are expected to demonstrate by your actions:

  • Respect for British values such as the rule of law, justice and freedom from prejudice
  • Respect for adults in the school
  • Respect for the rights of teachers to teach and other pupils to learn
  • Respect for others regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or sexuality
  • Respect for the school, the facilities and equipment


All people in the building are responsible for the health and safety of themselves and others and therefore behaviour which potentially places individuals or groups at risk of harm will be considered a breach of this code of conduct.