Art and Design


Art Department Aims

The aims of the Art department at Siddal Moor, is fundamentally to build on prior knowledge and ability and to develop the Artistic skills and knowledge of the students in our care. As a department we believe whole heartedly that each child can and should enjoy and access the subject irrespective of natural ability and background.

The Curriculum


Year 7
Students study 3 projects. An Introductory Art Course, Self-Image, and a project based on an art practitioner; this year it is Laura Delaunay. Students are taught the basics as well as being given lots of opportunity to develop independently building on and developing good artistic skill and creativity. Media includes paint, pencil, observational drawing, collage, wallpaper print and photography.

Year 8
Students study Perspective, Cubism, Natural Form and a selection of ‘Artists in Focus’ such as Aboriginal Art, African Textiles and Andy Goldsworthy. Building on the skills taught in Year 7, there is now a focus on using different artistic media’s so students can experience using different tools and techniques. Media includes clay, 3D card, mosaic tiles, paint, pencil, observational drawing, masking tape, mono printing, computer, and oil pastel.

Year 9
Students study a theme based on China and Japan, POP Art and Graffiti. In Year 9 there is a real focus on developing and refining quality processes so students produce work which they feel proud of. To develop this ethos, the department gets students to mount up work in a GCSE style design sheet. Again students use a wide variety of media to support their learning. Media includes poly-print, Photoshop, paint, pencil, observational drawing, felt tip, collage, and mod-rock.


Year 10 and Year 11
Students at KS4 begin building an artistic portfolio which makes up one GCSE. The GCSE is 60% Coursework, 40% Exam. Students study the ‘General Art Course’ from the AQA exams board. In year 10 students study themes ‘Natural Forms’ and ‘Masks and Cultures’. During these courses students use a fast variety of media and again the course is based around developing excellence in skill. Year 11 is very different to Year 10. In Year 11, students study the ‘Mock Project’ which is a practise run to their real exam. They have much more creative freedom and they can select which ever theme they want. After Christmas they work towards their real exam which will be complete in early May and is worth 40% of their overall grade. The Art exam consists of producing a final piece within 10 hours over two days in exam conditions.