a few words about us


It is with great excitement and pride that I welcome you to the Siddal Moor website.

I feel both proud and excited about the incredible potential Siddal Moor has to become an outstanding school. Our strong and determined vision is focused clearly around meeting the needs of each and every child and providing the opportunities for students to grow, flourish and succeed.

Siddal Moor has a long and proud history of serving the families of Heywood and the surrounding communities, but an even brighter future. With state of the art facilities, Siddal Moor really is a school that everyone is proud of and rightly so. There is an emphasis on ensuring the very best for the students with strong relationships between staff, students, parents and the local community underpinning everything we do.

With a highly deserved reputation for the care and guidance we offer our students, we are proud of the way our students behave and place an emphasis on developing young adults who have the skills and abilities to lead full, enjoyable and successful lives. We believe children should enjoy school and develop a love of learning which continues to develop as they move through life, which is something we embed during their time at Siddal Moor.

Our commitment to the young people starts before they arrive at Siddal Moor, with highly developed links with our local primary schools. We work tirelessly to ensure that transition from year 6 to 7 is as smooth as possible, whilst continually investing time in each and every student, ensuring they all make a successful move on to either training, employment or further education.

Through the highest possible quality of teaching and learning we make sure that success is championed, effort is rewarded, talent is nurtured and hard work is expected of everyone. Siddal Moor really is a school that is aiming to “Fly High”. If you want to find out more then please contact the school and arrange a time to come and see us in action.


Mission, vision & values


Students will “fly high”

through the expectation of excellence in everything we do.

A school that has an appetite for learning at its core.

Each and every student will be given the opportunity to excel in each and every subject through high quality and well planned teaching. We will prepare our students to become active citizens and lead happy and successful lives.


What do we expect?

All students to have access to high quality lessons in all areas.

All students to have the literacy skills to access the curriculum and flourish as young learners.

All students will have the support and skills to make the right choices to behave safely, sensibly and orderly.



All students have pride in themselves and their school.

All students will be clearly signposted to successful and aspirational choices at 16.

All students to attend more than 95%

All parents will be involved fully in the school life of their children.